My Story

Welcome fellow sea glass lovers!

Thank you for visiting my "beach cottage" on the web! I'd love to share with you not only pieces of my work, but also a piece of myself as well. 

My story begins about 30 years ago when I graduated college in Rochester, NY and moved to Connecticut. Oh how I hated those winters during college! I fell in love with the Connecticut coastline and decided to plant my feet firmly in the sand and call it home. My home was filled with love and laughter and a growing family - relishing each day at the beach; the sandcastles built, the Popsicles at the snackbar, the sandy-headed sleepy kids on the drive home. Tod's Point was certainly on point! But soon the tide turned with the birth of my third child, born with a life-threatening craniofacial condition. My focus had shifted to doing all I could do to keep him alive, to correct his medical issues with over 20 surgeries, to spend countless hours in various doctor's offices, therapies, consults, IEP's. Seeking solace and the need to recharge my batteries. I found myself back at the beach hunting for sea glass. Searching for sea glass relaxed me, centered me, restored my perspective, gave me hope, allowed me to be all I could be for my family. As part of my continued "therapy", I began creating designs within picture frames and windows utilizing the sea glass, shells, and driftwood I would find - the end result being unique beach cottage style decor. My customers would tell me their story of what sea glass meant to them - always a special story, always one to fill my heartspace with warmth. No doubt, art therapy can soothe the soul. 

7am, 2012:  I sit in a Boston hospital waiting room, My son, age 13, in surgery for a 6 hour, incredibly invasive procedure to his skull. As tears run down my face, I find strength in writing this poem, direct from my heartspace. 

 ** The Strength to Tumble**

The wave hits the shore

With wonderment of what's in store.

A pebble, a shell, some frosted glass,

Tumbling in the sand.

Our lives also tumbling along the shore

Complete with love 

Though at times lost to imperfections.

Blues and greens hold the promise of a new tomorrow.

A tomorrow that is filled with the

Strength to tumble in the waves

And to wash ashore as not an imperfection

But rather a rare gift from the sea.

~ Betsy

New Beginnings Sea Glass is a proud member of the North Atlantic Sea Glass Association (NASGA) and The Nutmeg Collective. NBSeaglass Offers a collection of BEACH cottage decor for the beach enthusiast, with each design using authentic sea glass, seashells, pebbles, and driftwood found by myself on the Connecticut shoreline. Find your perfect BEACH FRAME from my Etsy shop or stop by my booth at one of the many coastal arts shows I attend yearly! listing of shows available on my website, FB page, and instagram page. Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page.